About Jobs4Work

What do we do at Jobs4Work?

Jobs4Work is an employment agency with vacancies in four different sectors: engineering, logistics, food and agriculture. Our mission is to enter into long collaberations with clients by finding temporary workers with passion for their work. We pay time and attention to our agency workers and offer them guidance.

At Jobs4Work we send employees to companies, both small and large. We provide qualitive flexible employees, who are selected to work in a certain sector. Besides sending out employees, secondment is also possible at Jobs4Work. In case of secondment there is an agreement for a certain period of time.

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About Jobs4Work

How do we distinguish ourselves?

Every day we work to distinguish ourselves. We do this by having good conditions for our employees. In addition, we have personal attention for our employees and clients and all employees of Jobs4Work have a passion for their work!

We are affiliated with various organizations to guarantee agency workers that we work in an honest way, according to standards and rules, so we try to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

The organizations and certificates that we own:

  • VCU
  • NBBU
  • VRO
  • SNF
  • NEN 4400.01

Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands?

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