Engineering Industry

In the engineering industry the demand for well-educated workers is currently very high, it’s a fast-growing industry with lots of dynamics. From our offices in Poland we search for the right temps for your engineering vacancy.

Logistics and Transport Industry

Are you looking for an employment agency with logistic employees or a temping agency for drivers? You’ve come to the right place at Jobs4Work. We can provide drivers from different European countries, who will be of added value for your company.

Food Industry

The packing of food, vegetables and meat is all about working hygienically & precise on a high speed. Jobs4Work originated from the food sector. Meanwhile we have many years of cooperating with several food companies in the region. 

Agriculture, Greenery and Production Industry

Jobs4Work has multiple years of experience in selecting and hiring temps for the agricultural, greenery and production industries. These industries mean heavy, but varied and interesting work.